Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Donation

     February rushed by in a blur and I only got around to making my donation today. That said, I picked the Aylmer Food Centre (la Centre Alimentaire Aylmer) as a recipient for my February donation. The food bank is only a couple streets away from me, and they've had challenges keeping up with demand in past years. We have a very diverse population in Aylmer, which makes it a fantastic place to live. Knowing the food bank runs some great programs, and that they can buy a large multiple of food for the amount I donated, gives me a great feeling about donating to this worthy cause.
     Beside making another donation, I also achieved my two other non-financial goals for February. I had more blog entries (five) than weeks in the month, and weighed in around 158 pounds at month end, well below my self-imposed 165 pound maximum. I'm in the last week of Custom Strength's free eight weeks to wellness program, and am very happy with the results. It's amazing what changing a few habits can mean to your lifestyle.
     Here's hoping all my readers had successful Februaries as well!

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