Sunday, May 3, 2015

April Donation

     Nepal was hit by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake last month, killing thousands of people. Subsequently, the government of Canada announced that they'd match contributions to registered charities that supported relief efforts in Nepal. Since I donated to the Red Cross last month, this month, I thought I'd support Oxfam Canada's efforts in Nepal. Oxfam's team is already on the ground with supplies providing clean water, sanitation, and emergency food supplies. My heart goes out to the people of Nepal and other individuals impacted by the tragedy.

     Beside making another donation, I also achieved my two other non-financial goals for April. I had eight blog entries in the month, more than one a week. Additionally, I weighed in at 153 pounds at month end, well below my self-imposed 165 pound maximum. Doing a couple runs outside after the weather turned warmer, and subbing a couple times in 5-on-5 ultimate frisbee helped me achieve my weight maintenance goal. 
     Will May be as successful? Only time will tell.

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