Friday, June 5, 2015

May Donation and Non Financial Goal Update

I decided to split my May charitable contribution between two worthwhile causes. We celebrated my son’s baptism last weekend and I made a donation to the beautiful church in which he was baptized. St Paul’s church was recently reconstructed after a fire and my son was one of the first six children to be baptized in the new building. The remaining portion of my donation was directed to Renfrew Hospital in recognition of the excellent care they provided my father. Since the Ontario government doesn’t seem to be directing sufficient funds toward primary care facilities, these important institutions have increasingly relied on donations to fund their tight operating budgets.

With my job change in May, I feared my non-financial goal of averaging a blog post per week was in jeopardy. Luckily, due to some writing early in the month, I managed to draft six posts, thus helping me achieve this non-financial goal. My favorite post was Eating Frugally in the States, since it provided me with a challenge during my last business trip.

Despite putting on eight pounds during that business trip (mainly due to luxurious dinners I did not have to pay for in Texas), I ended the month weighing in at 157 pounds (down five pounds from my monthly high of 162 pounds), well below my goal of 165 pounds. Going forward, I decided to revise my maximum weight objective at month end to 160 pounds. My hope is that this will keep me heading to the gym and out on runs more regularly.  Although my eating habits are decent, I simply haven’t been getting regular exercise outside of my weekly game of ultimate frisbee.

Here’s hoping all my readings met their financial and non-financial goals in May.

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