Friday, August 21, 2015

Five Essential Twitter Users for Income Investors

As my family, friends and work colleagues would tell you, I'm not much of a social networker. My Linkedin gets updated about once a year, my main use of Facebook is to see pictures of where friends went on vacation, and I beg you not to add my to Google+, as I have no idea how it works. With those embarrassing admissions out of the way, I'll readily admit that I enjoy Twitter. Being a bit of a news junkie, my personal Twitter account feeds show me roughly equal amounts of friends' updates, ultimate frisbee stories, and business/investment news. When I set up my Twitter account for this blog, my plan was to follow Twitter users relevant to the investment and personal finance communities. Since I've been slower to discover personal finance Twitter users (although I'm a big fan of J. Money @budgetsaresexy and Kate @cashvillesky), I decided to share with you my Five Essential Twitter Users for Income Investors. The Twitter users below are in alphabetical order with a brief explanation of why I find them essential reading

After discovering Brad Thomas's writing on US Real Estate Investment Trusts ("REITs") on Seeking Alpha, I quickly added him to my Twitter feeds in order to get updates when he posts on Seeking Alpha or Forbes. Brad's articles on REITs are insightful, well researched, and informative. I urge you to check out Brad's site and consider subscribing to his newsletter if you're interested in US REITs.

After stumbling across Chuck on Seeking Alpha, I was impressed by his eloquent articles promoting sound valuation and long-term investing. Chuck’s twitter feed informs me when he posts on Seeking Alpha or his website.  Chuck’s focus on dividend growers that have sound valuations based on earnings has helped me improve my investment process.

DividendHawk follows over 700 Twitter users, filters their feeds, and provides a steady stream of interesting posts on topics related to dividend investing. This is an extremely valuable service for those of us in the dividend investing community as it saves us time, provides relevant articles, and allows us to discover interesting blogs. When I'm really pressed for time, I can count on DH to publish his daily paper on his website summarizing the top couple of blog posts. 

Jason Fieber @jasonfieber

The great majority of dividend investors are familiar with Jason's excellent dividendmantra website. By sharing his inspirational journey from $0 of net worth to a portfolio over $200K by investing in dividend growth stocks, Jason has gained international recognition. He continues to personally connect with his fans through Twitter, providing links to new posts and interesting personal finance articles.

Roadmap2Retire @Roadmap2Retire

At the risk of playing favorites to a local man, I enjoy reading about R2R's journey to financial freedom on his Twitter feed and website. The fact we have similar holdings in our respective portfolios means a lot of the company related news articles he posts are pertinent to me as well. He also plays a connector role and Twitter, and has an informative weekend summary of interesting reads called "Chatter Around the World".

Who are you top five twitter users to follow? Who have I missed? 

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