Friday, September 11, 2015

30 Canadian Large Cap Dividend Growers

After self-diagnosing as a gorger who yearns to nibble more, and because none of the four stocks I’d really like to buy this month have hit my strike price, I decided to run a screen to identify potential nibble candidates. Here are the criteria I used:

-          Traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
-          No preferred shares
-          Market capitalization over $1B (CDN)
-          Dividend yield of at least 3%
-          1-year dividend growth rate > 5%
-          3-year and 5-year dividend compound aggregate growth rate > 5%

Here is the resulting screen:

Unsurprisingly, I’m already very familiar with many of the 30 companies who met my criteria. In fact, I have positions in 14 of them. Other companies such as Algonquin Power & Utilities, Evertz Technologies, Brookfield Infrastructure, and Agrium have long been on my Google watch lists.  I’ve also owned Suncor and Home Capital before, and would consider them again if the price was right. There’s even one company on the list that I’m prohibited to investing in, as they are a major client of my employer.

More importantly, there are some companies I’ve never heard of and will now put them on my ‘Further Research’ list. In particular, as embarrassing as it is to admit, Russel Metals, Aimia, MDC Partners, Pason Systems, and Finning International are complete unknowns to me. Since researching potential investments is a fun part of the investment process, I look forward to seeing if any of the above are nibble worthy.

Do you own any of the names on the above stock screen? Are there any companies you don’t own that interest you?


  1. Interesting list...there are some unfamiliar names for me too.

    Funnily you mention a lot that I own in your Other companies - Algonquin, Brookfield Infrastructure and Agrium :)

    Happy investing

    1. Part of the reason those three holdings of yours are interesting is that they all pay their dividends in USD. Was that strategic on your part? They're also great, well managed, high barrier to entry companies.
      Enjoy this rainy weekend R2R!

  2. The ones have not not heard of are Aimia Inc., MDC Partners and Domtar. I have actually heard of Domtar, but never thought of it as a stock to invest in.

    1. You are clearly more knowledgable than I am about the above companies. Would you ever consider investing in Domtar? I try to stay away from companies in declining industries, but it might be worth a deeper dive to research.


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