Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Goals Update - My Year in Numbers

Back on January 14, 2015, I set three financial and two non-financial goals for the year. Although there is still one business day left this year, I feel comfortable reporting on my progress now so that I can enjoy the last weekend of the winter holiday. Instead of droning on about each of my goals, I decided to report some pertinent numbers instead.

1. Increase Expected Forward Dividend Income by $1,800/yr 
Status = Achieved
41 dividend increases (including 8 in December)
3 dividend cuts (Kinder Morgan and PHX Energy Services twice before I sold my position)
8% dollar weighted average dividend increase pre-Kinder Morgan dividend cut
4% dollar weighted average dividend increased post-Kinder Morgan dividend cut
18 long-term Buys
6 Sales of long-term holdings
24.6% higher forward expected dividends at YE15 vs YE14
4.4% dividend yield on my portfolio at YE15 (vs. 3.9% at YE14)
1:1 CAD/USD exchange rate I use to calculate forward dividend income in CAD
1.39:1 CAD/USD actual exchange rate on December 30, 2015

2. Complete the Transformation of my RRSP by Year End
Status = Nearly Achieved (Just have to sell Royal Bank in RRSP)
4 companies I sold in RRSP after adding to positions in my TFSA and unregistered account (BCE, CJR.B, Telus, RCI.B)
1 company I sold in my unregistered account after establishing a position in my TFSA (HR.UN)
27 companies in my portfolio at YE14
26 companies in my portfolio at YE15

3. Give Twice as Much to Worthy Causes as in 2014
Status = Achieved
2.1X the donations to worthy causes I made in 2014
12 Charities and charitable organizations I supported during 2015
2 Causes I gave to more than once during the year
20% more I plan on giving to good causes in 2016

4. Keeping My Weight Under 160 Pounds
Status = Achieved
159.6 pounds I weighed this morning
163.6 pounds I weighed December 26th after returning from Christmas at my in-laws
165 pounds to keep under initially before revising downward in July 2015
7 pounds I lost one day that I was sick last February
0 weight goals I will have in 2016

5. Average At Least One Blog Post a Week
Status = Achieved
81 posts in 2015
4 hours spent moving and updating my Blogger site to my new domain name this morning
1.5 posts per week was my pace from January - June
2 posts per week was my pace from July - November
1 post per week was my pace in December
299 Twitter followers at December 30, 2015 (vs 0 on January 1, 2015)
14X more pageviews in December 2015 than January 2015
3 most popular posts this year (in order of popularity):
 - Why I Will NEVER Share My Net Worth Online
 - Nibbling vs Gorging on Stocks
 - Four Lessons from Buffet's & Munger's Biographies

Did you achieve all of your investment goals in 2015? Do you have your 2016 objectives set?

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