Friday, May 20, 2016

Which Financial Superhero Are You?

With a long weekend mere hours away and beautiful temperatures forecast, I feel super!  As my son was watching an episode of Paw Patrol this morning that featured a caped superhero K-9, I brainstormed some financial superheroes. I apologize in advance for the vast number of exclamation marks.

Buffett Boy!
You generate astronomical returns on your investments and watch your snowball grow as you near financial independence.  Lots of ‘dry powder’ is on hand in case a fat pitch crosses your path.

Master of the Budgets!
No expense goes untracked, no inflow gets forgotten, and each unanticipated expenditure is easily classified into a contingency account. You harness the power of spreadsheets to help you succeed.

Super Saver!
Scouring expenses to identify where to cut the fat is your specialty and you embody the frugal lifestyle without ever becoming ‘cheap’. You proudly challenge every recurring expense.

Vanguard Vagabond!
Your stress-free indexing strategy allows you to focus on the things that really matter in life while your wealth compounds along with the markets. Like the turtle, you know that slow and steady wins the race.

Sidekick Hustler!
Sure you hold down a typical job, but you dedicate your nights and weekends to your growing number of side hustles that keep your income growing. Hustle dollars exponentially increase your happiness.

Rental Mogul!

Donald Trump who? You discover hidden gems, fix them up, rent them out, get them cash flow positive, sell them, and upgrade to duplexes, triplexes….to infinity-plexes and beyond!

Debt Destroyer!

Student loans, credit cards, car notes and mortgages all get paid off in an accelerated and orderly fashion as you tackle the highest interest rates first. You yearn to cut your evil creditors to zero.

Tax Tempest!

Instead of believing the old adage about the certainty of death and taxes, you devour the tax code to identify more deductions and ways to shelter your income.  Tax season is year round!

Dividend Divine!

Through harnessing the power of dividend growth investing and focusing on buying quality companies with large moats, your income stream expands from a drip to a deluge!

Benign Beginner!

You determine that the best time to start investing is right now and you can’t wait to start growing your nest egg. You take the hugely important first step from thought to action!

Mulitmedia Maven!
You leverage the power of the Internet to create multiple revenue streams through your blog, podcast, videos, on-line course and E-books. You convert commenters to followers to fans to customers to friends.

Financial Freedom Achiever!
With your hustling years behind you, you are content to enjoy the fruits of your labor while sharing your freedom formula to motivate the masses. Despite being “retired” your mind is still a breeding ground of ideas, projects and potential. Your options are wide open!

Which financial superhero or superheroes above best describe you? Did I miss any financial superheroes? Feel free to add your own financial superhero or illustrate an avatar. Have a super weekend!

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