About Me

I am a husband and father of two who has been investing in stocks since 2001. I started consistently pursuing a dividend growth philosophy in  2011.  I converted after reading Roxann Klugman's Dividend Growth Investment Strategy book.

Before getting married in 2013, my wife and I moved to a house in Gatineau Quebec from our separate condos in 2012. I enjoy life on "the other side of the Ottawa River", even if the higher personal income taxes are a hard pill to swallow each April. Although I am not fluently bilingual, my French is improving and I am able to communicate in both of Canada's official languages.

Currently, I work as a credit analyst, but have been an accountant, auditor, and consultant in various past lives.  Along my career path, I acquired the Certified Management Accountant (now CPA, CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst ("CFA") professional designations.  The experience I gained as an accountant, and my work in the pursuit of my CFA charter helps me analyze companies for potential investment.

When I am not chasing after my kids, I enjoy reading, running, and playing ultimate frisbee. My favorite authors include Michael Connelly, Douglas Coupland, John Sanford, and Barry Eisler. I also read numerous blogs and personal finance books in an attempt to improve my investment results. I have slowly became less competitive in my athletic pursuits, now content to train and play sports simply to stay in shape.

Writing has long been a creative outlet for me. My goal of maintaining this blog is to document my journey to financial independence using a dividend growth investing. I find it extremely helpful to go back and look at my decision making process before buying and selling, as a way to monitor myself and hold myself accountable. Although this blog started off being directed more internally than externally, I slowly started to orient my posts to an external audience during the summer of 2015. 

If you have any questions or comments,  please do not hesitate to leave a comment or message me. Although I have chosen not to post pictures of myself all over the site, I am always happy to meet a like-minded investor or individual with opposing views. 


  1. Bravo pour ton effort à apprendre le français! Si seulement d'autres anglos s'y mettaient aussi...
    I guess the whole political landscape in Québec would be different.

    Anyway, back to investment and dividend Investing. I really like your portfolio. Actually, it'll be fun to know much about it. Like average-cost and that sort of things. You have some mighty good stock picks -- some of which we share.

    I just bookmarked your site and will make sure to come back and visit another Québécois from time to time.

    Take care! À bientôt!

    1. Merci beaucoup pour vow commentaries. Oui, c'est supprenant qu'il y a les anglophone en Quebec qui n'essaient pas d'ameliorer leur francais.
      I also noticed we share some common stock picks. In addition, I'm a big fan of Suncor as you seem to be.
      Thanks for posting links to French business articles via your Twitter. Those are great learning opportunities for me.
      As tu pense d'ecrire des posts en francais de temps en temps? Ca sera le fun!

  2. Oui, je devrais écrire un article en français. Bientôt peut-être. D'autres personnes me l'ont demandé. Je suis si occupé ces jours-ci que je peine à écrire, que ce soit en anglais ou en français!

    Est-ce que tu vas détailler davantage ton portfolio? Ce serait bien pour les curieux comme moi. ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. D'être si occupe c'est une bonne probleme! Plus de travail egal plus d'argent pour investir. Quand meme, j'ai hate de lire un de tes billets en francais!

    Je vais peux-etre prendre ton suggestion et metre mon ACB pour mes actions. C'est une bonne idea.

    Merci encore pour vous commentaries en francais. Je suis toujours excite d'ameliorer mon francais ecrit.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your investment knowledge. I am new to this investment world and especially ETFs too. Glad that you have this blog to share with others :)

  6. I believe Pembina provided guidance after their acquisition of Veresen?

  7. Pembina was one of four companies who I thought had provided dividend growth guidance...but I couldn't find any evidence of it on their IR website.

  8. Nice to tumble upon your blog. I am sure I will learn a lot here.

  9. Hi,
    I'm a big fan of your articles, really like your style and though process.
    I’ve created a site with 13 years of fundamental data for U.S. stocks including forecasts, if you have time to check it out it’s called Stockrow. I'd really love to hear your feedback. Thanks!



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