In order to improve as an investor, I read a lot to learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Below are a couple of books, websites, and blogs that I have benefited from over the years. The lists are on the short side, so as not to overwhelm potential readers.



The DRIP Investing Resource Center - Provides access to David Fish's US Dividend Champion List

Dividend Growth Investing and Retirement - Access the Canadian Dividend All-Star List

Seeking Alpha - Highly recommend contributors Brad Thomas and Chuck Carnevale

Reddit Financial Independence - Warning: this site is incredibly addictive to read


Dividend Growth Investor - A personal favorite dividend blog

Budgets Are Sexy - Read all about J. Money's hustling

Roadmap2Retire - A fantastic Ottawa blogger

My Own Advisor - Another great Ottawa blogger

Monsieur Dividende - The best Quebec dividend blogger (c'est vrai!)

(Quick Sidenote: There are many investment and personal finance blogs I read regularly.  Not including a blog is definitely not meant as a slight; rest assured, I probably read and enjoy your blog just as much as I do the ones above. The first two are what I consider 'best in category', while the others are some local favorites.)


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I will check them all out to learn more :)

  2. Nice to see another Canadian blog on the subject of finance, investing & dividends!
    Cheers & best of luck in 2018.